Mr. & Mrs. Sandblasting

Sandblasting. What is it?



sand·​blast | \ ˈsan(d)-ˌblast  \

Definition of sandblast

a stream of sand projected by compressed air (as for engraving, cutting, or cleaning glass or stone)

We have featured our latest Sandblasting experiment above and it created a ever lasting frost on some memorable items that every married couple keeps. If its glass and you want to personalize it we can sandblast it ❤ It creates a soft and elegant look that exudes class for any event. We love to learn and if you too want to learn more about sandblasting IKONICS does a great job show casing the wonders of sandblasting. Keep checking back for more fun projects were able to do with our machine in the future!! 🙂

Travel in style

We know that this isn’t an ideal travel time due to COVID-19 but we are here for you when this slows down and you are finally able to take that vacation you’ve been planning for since last year 😉 These are custom cut from acrylic cast sheets and a hand painted fill is applied to the engraved text. We have a couple ourselves and we have some fantastic customers that left amazing reviews on our previous luggage tags so we hope these will satisfy just as well! We are with everyone during this tragic time and will continue to be as the world starts to go back to normal (or at least as much as it can). Our hearts go out to anyone effected and remember… WASH YOUR HANDS!!! ❤

Word to your Mother!

Mother’s day is May 10th, and we have all the greatest gift ideas for the lovely moms in your life! From gardening signs to plaques, personalized cups, koozies, kitchen wares and more, we can create a custom gift sure to bring a smile to you loved one’s face. Check out these garden signs done with our sublimation process These are great for both indoor and outdoor use as they are UV resistant! They are completely customizable with any high quality image, and any text. Here the “Welcome to our Garden” sign is nestled in a braided hibiscus plant and the “From Tiny Seeds Grow Mighty Trees” sign is displayed in a devil’s ivy plant.

Hey there!

We’ve been working on so many new things and we wanted to share with everyone! 🙂 We recently invested into a new embroidery machine! Isn’t that exciting? We are working hard and diligent to make sure that in the next few weeks we will have all the kinks worked out and will be able to start sharing our new skills with the world. We will be offering things such as monogrammed towels, bags, shirts, hats and much more. We will also be offering custom embroidery on items you already own! Whether its the holidays, birthdays or just because, we want to be available for your embroidery needs! Stay tuned for updates ❤